Directors and Officers Insurance

Directors and Officers Insurance (D&O Insurance), is a type of liability insurance that provides financial protection to Directors and key Executives of a company against claims made against them for alleged wrongful acts in their managerial roles. We look into the importance of the insurance.

Insurance Coverage for Malicious Damage in Holiday Homes

Insurance coverage for malicious damage in holiday homes in the UK can be a vital aspect of protecting your investment. In this blog we look at some key points to consider.

Holiday Home Insurance

How Unoccupancy of Holiday Homes or Second Homes can affect your Insurance

In the UK, the insurance coverage for holiday homes or second homes can be affected by periods of unoccupancy. Unoccupancy refers to the property being unoccupied or vacant for extended periods, typically when the property is not actively used by the owner or tenants, we look into this in more details in our blog.